Posted in June 6, 2011 - 4:47 Wayne Martinez
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Your Strongest Advocate is A Happy Customer…

Your Strongest Advocate is A Happy Customer

Your Strongest Advocate is A Happy Customer

In recent months, we’ve experienced a measurable uptick in demand for VidCast™ Service (customer testimonials.) You may recall from our earlier posts that VidCast is a bundled service that enables NAVAJO to capture our clients’ customers’ real-world testimonials regarding the products and services they purchased using a low-cost, YouTube-like video solution. Now, that’s all well and good, but the big surprise for us is seeing how forthcoming and creative the customers are willing to be when placed front and center in the creative process of delivering their message. Because the VidCast solution puts the video camera in the hands of the customer, we’ve been amazed by the candor of the recorded messages and the real-world, nitty-gritty B-roll that they have been willing to share as part of their story.

Is VidCast just one more example of the paradigm shift towards social media communications? Certainly so, but that’s a good thing because, as consumers and businesses alike, we all want to make informed decisions based on knowledge and truth, and who better to convey such than those who have traveled the path before us?

So, how can Vidcast Service help you communicate your happy customer’s story? Call us…we’re here to help!

Wayne Martinez is President of NAVAJO Company

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