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A Social Engagement

Image courtesy of jaimelondonboy via the Creative Commons attribution license.

Image courtesy of jaimelondonboy via the Creative Commons attribution license.

Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s been hard to avoid the media coverage of the upcoming royal wedding here in the US. But the fascinating side of the story for us, as marketers, is how the British Monarchy have embraced the use of social media. Clearly there was a crisis communications need given such recent stories as ‘Fergie’s Cash-for-Access sting back in 2010 (so, is that why she wasn’t invited to the wedding?), but 2011 provides an obvious brand-building initiative with all this global good-“Will(s).” In fact, in a quick, not-so-scientific review, it appears that the royal family have got their bases covered with the channels below, which is frankly better than some companies in the “High Tech Mecca” of Silicon Valley.

But there’s some other interesting aspects in social media activity worth noting as a result of this wedding:

A social surge

Social media activity has spiked with the nuptials getting one new mention every 10 seconds, according to Greenlight, a UK-based search marketing specialist, showcasing the power and linkage social media has with real-world events.

Security oversight

Security services are monitoring social media activity given the concerns for the royal couple and public at large, emphasizing the effectiveness of monitoring, whether for brands or security.

Merging traditional media

A host of broadcasters and channels are live streaming the event, with YouTube being the most dominant presence from the online world, providing a taste of what’s to come with future large-scale events. Watch this space when the summer Olympics start in Britain next year and the potential to interact with tools like Twitter.

No entry

Alas, someone always spoils the fun! While the Royals have embraced the use of social media they still like to leverage some control. According to a blog post on Mashable, cell phone blocking technology will be in place to stop those with an urge to Tweet, although some reports disclaim this.

If you desire more info on the Royal wedding have a look at their website – or follow along using the Twitter hashtag #rw2011

See you at the virtual alter!

Dan Fisher is the Account Executive and Business Development Manager at NAVAJO Company

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