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This just in: Business people could be of human origin

iStock_000052824968MediumIn an insightful new Slideshare blog, presentation guru Scott Schwertly digs into the neurological underpinnings of our reactions to stories. He notes, among other things, that emotions, not logic, drive most consumer decisions.

Consumer decisions? Oh, well then, we B2B folks can go on relying purely on logic, rational argument, and numerical specs to talk to our customers. No need to muck around with stories. After all, we’re talking to business professionals, right?

The thing is, every technology product manager, marketing manager, or IT manager I’ve worked with in the past 25 years has displayed remarkably human characteristics: They are emotionally invested in their work; they have senses of humor, they love to talk about their frustrations and successes, and they want to hear the tales of others.

That’s right: They love stories. So, if you’re a B2B marketer looking for a happier ending to your next campaign, tap into your audience’s cerebral hot spots with engaging narratives, data visualizations, animations, and more. Reach out to your prospects. You’ll find them eminently… well, human.

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