Posted in October 14, 2012 - 3:21 Tami Demayo
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The importance of avoiding content complacency

For marketing communications managers and agencies, content is king. But for our clients, it is merely an arrow in their marketing quivers–a means of achieving business objectives.

In a recent blog post, B2B Magazine’s Christopher Hosford reminded readers to heed to the advice of presenters at the September 2012 Content Marketing World expo and conference, who stressed that more content doesn’t necessarily equate to more business.

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We at Navajo Company couldn’t agree more. We and our clients must be very clear about why we are creating each type of content, continually assess the results of our efforts, and muster the courage to change what isn’t working.

As obvious as that sounds, it’s apparently easier said than done. Hosford cited a recent report by the Content Marketing Institute, which found that there is quite a gap between the content marketing tactics marketers believe to be the most effective and those that they actually employ. See the CMI report results Hosford cites–and the rest of his post–here:
Content is king

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