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Have you visited your website lately?

If you have a hand in designing, updating, maintaining or otherwise contributing to your corporate website, try this: Visit your website as a customer would, and ask yourself these questions:

Does your homepage greet you with all the information you would want visitors to see, but not so much they turn away in confusion?

Does each click take you exactly where you thought it would?

Is there compelling, actionable information when you get there?

Does everything look and function like a website for the 2010’s?

When we went through this exercise a few months back, our answer to some of these questions was a resounding “No!” So we set out to remake our online presence to better reflect our brand and today’s best practices in website design.

Keeping your website content fresh is how you keep visitors returning.

Keeping your website content fresh is how you keep visitors returning.

As you might expect, it was quite a journey from that starting point to the revamped website you see today at But here are a few takeaways from our experience:

1. Even if you have in-house expertise in Web design and development, don’t do your own site all by yourself. Pulling in resources from outside the company can provide a much-needed fresh perspective.

2. At every stage of the project, get input from colleagues who are not part of the website team.

3. Manage the development of your own website you would any other project. Allocate sufficient resources, and use online collaboration tools to maintain momentum and minimize misunderstandings.

4. Build to scale, and build for change. The day you launch your new site is the day you will want to start changing it. Use a platform that allows a non-programmer to update and add content, and analyze site usage.

5. Budget for site maintenance. Your company’s website is a key business driver. You can’t afford to consign its care to the task heap of an already overburdened staff member.

If you are in the process of revamping your website, how is it going? If this is not your first time doing this, how are you applying lessons learned from past revisions?

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